• Our quality department supplies electronic Internal Certifications via PC DMIS, Part Layouts and Gauge R & R.


Inventing Solutions for your Products Quality

holding.jpgHolding Fixtures
Hold part per Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing for co-ordinate measuring machine inspections.

Nesting /holding parts for secondary applications such as:
• Drilling • machining • trimming • painting • gate cutting • applying clips, attachment features or stickers.


Attribute Fixtures

• Hold part per Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
• Provide flush and feeler block (and/or) scribed tolerance bands around part periphery.
• Provide pin checks for all openings per tolerance.


Environmental Fixtures

Simulate part attachments and surround with other mating parts.


Statistical Process Control Fixtures (S.P.C.) / Data Collection

• Hold part per Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
• Provide fixed digital indicators (and/or) data ports & data collectors, at various locations.


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